Landlord Enrollment Form
Houston-Harris County Emergency Rental Assistance Program

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The City of Houston and Harris County are working together through the Houston-Harris County Emergency Rental Assistance Program, which will provide rent assistance to families who are at risk of losing their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Funds will be distributed by Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. This Landlord Enrollment form is for both the City of Houston and Harris County Rental Assistance Programs. 

You will need to complete this form if you have not already enrolled in the program previously.  If you are already enrolled in that program, you will receive the new Terms & Conditions via email and be provided the opportunity to update your information as needed.

This Landlord Enrollment Form pertains to funding from both the City of Houston and Harris County.  Your rental property(ies) must be located within the City of Houston or elsewhere in Harris County.


Note: This program is for tenants of your residential properties, not for commercial or retail properties.


You might be contacted by Catholic Charities as the program progresses for information that allows the agency to process the tenant application for rental assistance.


Receipt of rental assistance funding is dependent on successful completion of all documentation by both landlord and tenant.


We recommend that you scroll down and review the information below, the required documentation, and the Terms & Conditions before you begin completing the form. 

The Landlord Enrollment Form includes 5 sections - 


Section 1 - Landlord or Landlord Authorized Representative, you will fill out information about yourself and you will upload a photo ID.


Section 2 -  Landlord Ownership, you will provide information about the person or company who owns the property(ies) and you will upload IRS Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification


Section 3 -  Landlord Property(ies), you will provide information about the property owned by the Landlord Ownership. You will be able to include multiple properties so long as they are owned by the same Landlord Ownership and are associated with the same W-9 and Taxpayer Identification Number.


Section 4 - Landlord Banking Details, you will provide bank and account information for each property listed. You will be asked to upload your bank’s ACH instructions or a voided check.


Section 5 - Terms & Conditions, you will complete the enrollment process by reviewing and agreeing to the Terms & Conditions


Note - for tax reporting purposes, a separate Landlord Enrollment Form should be completed for each Landlord Ownership. If you represent two or more companies or other legal structures, please complete a form for each entity.

Section 1 - Landlord or Landlord Authorized Representative
Please enter your information below as the landlord or landlord authorized representative.

(Driver's License, Identity Card, Passport, Department of Defense ID, Other)
Section 2 - Ownership Information
Please provide information about the person or company who owns the property(ies).

Section 3 - Landlord Property/Properties
Please provide information about the residential rental property(ies) which are part of the Landlord Ownership. You will be able to include multiple properties so long as they are part of the same Landlord Ownership, W-9, and Taxpayer Identification Number. You will enter the first rental property, then you will be given the option to add additional properties. A Change in Taxpayer Identification Number requires you to submit a new enrollment form.

Property Address

Type your address and click on the matching result. Please omit unit numbers.

Please enter the bank information for this property. Payments made by the Program on behalf of eligible Tenants at this property will be made to this account.

Enter a routing number in the format XX-XXXXXXX

Enter a routing number in the format XX-XXXXXXX

Note: Same Landlord Ownership means that Owner/Company Name, W-9, and Taxpayer Identification Number are the same.

**Please do not progress to the next page until you have added all of the properties associated with the ownership information you entered above**
Section 5 - Terms & Conditions
A participating Landlord must agree to the following Program Terms and Conditions with Landlord’s agreement qualifying as being applicable to all Participating Tenants in all properties owned by Landlord within the Program:

  • Give the tenant credit for any partial payments.
  • Waive all late fees, penalties, and interest for past due rent.
  • Not pursue enforcement (other than minimum efforts necessary to preserve Landlord’s rights pursuant to such) of any judgements, writs of possession or other litigation issued or available to Landlord regarding the tenant until a final determination by the Program that an applicant is not eligible or selected for assistance under the Program.

  • Rescind or cancel any prior notice to vacate, and dismiss any eviction suit Landlord may have filed and rescind or cancel any writ of possession received for the premises based solely upon nonpayment for the month(s) to which the assistance applies, within 5 business days of the Landlord’s receipt of the above-described payment from the Agency.

  • Refrain from issuing a notice to vacate, initiating an eviction proceeding, or performing an eviction against Qualified Tenants through dates consistent with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) nationwide eviction moratorium; Landlord retains the right to pursue eviction if a Qualified Tenant, occupants of the Qualified Tenant’s Unit or guests engage in conduct constituting a non-monetary default of the Qualified Tenant’s lease or presents an imminent threat of (i) physical harm to the Landlord, its employees, or other tenants, or (ii) criminal activity that would pose an imminent threat of physical harm to the Landlord, its employees, or other tenants.
  • Not to interfere with the tenant's possession of the rental unit/property.
  • Acknowledge and agree that receipt of any payments on behalf of Tenants under this Program are made in full and complete settlement and satisfaction of all litigation, claims, demands, and causes of action which have been, or could be, asserted by Landlord as a consequence of any and all alleged defaults related to payments of rent or other recurring financial obligations under the Lease prior to Landlord’s receipt of any payments under the Program.

  • Ensure Payments received from Program are posted to Tenant’s account within five (5) business days from the date of payment from Program Administrator.

  • Acknowledge the Tenant’s role as a third party beneficiary of this Agreement, inclusive of all rights to pursue the enforcement of this Agreement and/or introduce the same as a defense in any future litigation between Landlord and the tenant regarding rental, lease disputes, possession of the subject premises, or other litigation regarding the premises.

  • Acknowledge and agree to reimburse Program Administrator for any duplicate payments, over-payments or errors in payments, and agree that Program Administrator may recoup any ACH payment that was erroneously made through a reversal of payment.

  • Program administrators reserve the right to remove Landlord from this Program in the event that Landlord defaults on any of the terms of this Agreement or is not eligible as a Participating Landlord.

  • Landlord agrees that it will defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Program Administrators, City of Houston, and Harris County, their employees, representatives, and agents from any and all claims arising from the performance or nonperformance of this Agreement, arising in whole or in part from actual or alleged errors, omissions, or negligence of Landlord.

By typing my name below, I agree to the terms and conditions of the Landlord Agreement stated above. (The name listed as the Landlord or Authorized Agent must match the photo ID included in Section 1 of the Landlord Enrollment Form).